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GURPS Bureau-13 & Black Ops
Case Files


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Current posted B-13 case Files

"Something Twisted This Way Comes" adventure wrap-up

1. What the Public Hears
Animal Killing Cultists Nabbed by Feds
Church of Satan Denies Connection
AP Wire News
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif - Federal agents and local law enforcement officials announced today they had arrested seven members of the Church of Satan in connection with the ritualistic animal slayings that had plagued Golden Gate Park in recent weeks. The leader of the group, Hector Powelson (29), is also being investigated for a possible role in the murder of two homeless people in the Park during the same period. The bodies of William Ferster (52) and Julian Merendez (41) were found in the Park by officials during their investigation into the occult-style animal slayings. While there was little similarity in method between the animal killings and the deaths of Ferster and Merendez, local police officials aren't ruling out a connection. A spokesman for the Church of Satan denied a connection between the cultists and the Church, saying they had been ejected for violating Church law and practice, and their actions were counter to the core faith of the Church of Satan

Streetlight Shootists at Pier 21 Leave Police in the Dark
San Francisco Chronicle
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif - Police are seeking the identity of the two men seen shooting street lights on the walkways surrounding Pier 21 Halloween eve. Apparently, no one was injured during the incident, and police divers have failed to turn up any bodies or other evidence of foul play at the Pier

2. What Happens to Your Characters
While Director Pike doesn't have anything to go on, and has to publicly praise you for your aid to the SF PD in discovering and arresting the cultists killing the animals (Mayor Brown appreciates your actions - it got all that bad press over with, though now he has the allegations of a conspiracy to remove homeless people to deal with), he's not happy about all the money you spent while in San Francisco, and the damage to your car. He's pissed that you didn't catch whoever it was ripping up the homeless guys, and tells you that the 'real' FBI has been called in to help investigate the missing homeless people - "don't you know that could have meant a chance for Bureau-13 to get back on its feet,", blah, blah, blah. George McCloud's high profile SWAT team arrest of two amorous teenagers doesn't go over well either, and he's reassigned to the Louisville, KY office. You might check with the local TraCon Center for radar reports of the black helicopter you saw at Pier 21, and find a weak, sporadic return that might have been it buried in the air traffic reports. Also, the killings of street people seem to have stoppedright after your encounter with the crazy homeless guy at the docks and the black helicopter

You each get 3EPs

"Devil's Highway" adventure wrap-up

1. What the Public Hears:
Highway Killer Goes Out With A Bang!
Vietnam Vet Gone Bad Bombs Police Department
UPI--August 8th, 2000
PHOENIZ, Ariz. - The mystery of "The Devil's Highway" ended in fiery tragedy today when the man apparently responsible for killing as many as 10 people in and around the Phoenix area, was apprehended today after a bloody shootout with local law enforcement officials and investigators with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The alleged killer, one Emmanuel Santana, a resident of the San Carlos Apache Indian reservation and a former Green Beret and Vietnam War veteran, was shot to death in an extended gun battle with law enforcement officials in rugged terrain to the south west of the city. When his body and personal effects were taken to the main headquarters of the Phoenix Police Department, an explosive device found with Mr. Santana detonated in the station's evidence room, killing four Federal agents and a local officerlocal human rights groups and social activists are calling for an investigation into what they call "the unjust killing of an oppressed victim of America's racist society" and vowed were organizing a candlelight vigil to mark the death of Mr. Santana. The Reverend Jesse Jackson stated at a Democrat fundraiser that

2. What Happens to Your Characters
A swarm of NSA, DoD, FEMA and NIST (Nuclear Incident Situation Team) agents descend upon the Phoenix PD HQ and seal off the entire floor where the autopsy was performed, and where the "bomb" went off. No one is allowed in or out except these agents. You are brought in for questioning about your role in the affair, going through at least a dozen interviews, both with your director, Randy Pike, together, and separately. You are told, and sworn to secrecy upon being told, that Emmanuel Santana was wanted in connection with a plot by a major Columbian drug cartel to seize nuclear weapons materials from Los Alamos National Laboratories. Santana, a federal fugitive with experience in covert operations from his time of service in the US Army Special Forces in Vietnam, enhanced and used the fires set near Los Alamos by the US Forestry Department to infiltrate the Labs and steal an experimental explosive core for a nuclear device. The explosive core, sans its fissionable materials, was the device you recovered from Santana. The core is essentially a series of explosive "lenses" or shaped-charges that would detonate simultaneously, with the shock wave focused on the fissionable materials and compressing it into a critical mass. The core uses special high explosives, which is why it did as much damage as it did to the PD building when mishandled by the local Phoenix police officer killed in the blast. They further believe that the German "tourists" were former East German GRU agents for hire, and the other missing "tourists" were from the Columbian cartel. The hikers and others were simply tragedies - innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time, or unrelated to the Santana case, like the Braverman affair.

Randy Pike, at first eager to distance himself from your actions, steps forward to claim credit as your director after a hearty "thank you and congratulations" seems likely. "Good job men," says the NSA official, one Captain Kent Davis, "We apologize for any hard feelings the actions of our team may have caused, they were operating under a fuller set of information than yourselves at the time and may have been overzealous in executing their duties to the nation."

There is no mention made in any account, public or government, about cannibalism or the mutilation of the bodies found. There is no mention made, or questions asked, about the "Traveller," (later revealed to be a Grey Brainsucker) or the shots fired during the autopsy.

You each get 5 experience points, and a letter of commendation in your files. Phil's PC develops a new Quirk, "Aversion to slugs."







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