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GURPS Bureau-13 & Black Ops
The Company and Delta Green


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There's more to B-13 than the FBI...

If your PC has survived long enough, and is good enough, it might be invited to join the illustrious hidden ranks of The Company or Delta Green -- secret organizations devoted to fighting Humanity's hidden foes...

A Brief Background of The Company

Well, welcome to The Company. We can't give you the full background on the Company - security and all that. And as you will find, you won't be able to tell anyone who isn't in the Company about anything you've learned - our PsiOps group can do wonders with that sort of thing. Not only will you not be able to speak about it, you'll actually forget much of what you've learned about the Company, and in some of your training, until the proper trigger conditions have been met. If someone tries to force this information out of through conventional means, they will fail - your conditioning will prevent an adversary from gaining any useful information, because you will not remember it or be able to draw it from memory. If they use unconventional means - well, lets just say that we did inform you about the hazards of working with the Company.

You're a member of what is called "Delta Green" within the Company. Delta Green is several layers of the onion away from the core of the Company, but has an important role to play on behalf of human kind. Most agents at this level act as field agents in place for the Company, maintaining a position within various corporate, private and government organizations in order to gather information and influence things behind the scene. Much of what Delta Green agents do is directed at gathering intel on the opposition, finding crumbs of information, researching and investigating potential hazards - dealing with the opposition if possible, calling for BlackOps if not.

1865: The US Secret Service is created within the Department of the Treasury.
1868: A special branch of the US Secret Service is formed under Capt. Adam West - yes, you heard me. A rogue field agent tried to go public with some company history case files back in the 1960s, so we turned it into a TV show to discredit the information. Capt. Adam West headed up Division 2 of the USSS. Division 2 maintained a separate structure from the rest of the USSS, and by the 1870s had become became a quasi-independent agency that would later form the core of the Company.
1882: Division 2 had managed to hide itself within the US Government's structure, answering only to the President.
1898: Division 2 ordered to sink the USS Maine by President William McKinley to precipitate war with Spain. This order splinters Division 2, leading to an internal schism.
1901: Division 2 renegade agent known as "X" assassinates President McKinley to remove all official knowledge and control of Division 2. Leadership under "M" is established after an internal conflict.
1902: Division 2 established as an independent entity operating behind the scenes within the US Government.
1903-1914: Division 2 primarily dealt with domestic foes, conducted counter espionage, etc., but began to encounter non-human foes for the first time.
1914-1918: Division 2 involves itself in WWI, creates discreet ties with the newly formed Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and Office of Army Intelligence (OAI). Agents in the field conduct operations against human and non-human foes of the USA during the war.
1920: Ties with OAI become strained during the Pancho Villa counter-ops.
1921: Innsmouth incident leads ONI to create the Delta Green files, later to merge with the Company.
1923: Ties with OAI severed with prejudice after unauthorized assassination of Pancho Villa in a Division 2/ONA black op.
1923-1931: Division 2 modernizes its structure and begins to place members in various sectors of US society, from the scientific establishments to Wall Street, from the ONI to BIA. Encounters with more non-human foes, including various Cthulhu Cults and first dealings with the Greys, pushes Division 2 to more deeply bury its leadership through a series of blind cells.
1927: Delta Green of the ONI and Division 2 now working together quite closely. Delta Green, at Division 2 urgings, follows Division 2's example and begins to bury its official presence deep within the ONI, separating itself from official ONI and Navy command structures.
1931-1944: The rising Nazi threat, with their interest in the occult, CMEs, and the like, becomes a major focus of Division 2 and Delta Green. The Schutzstaffle Sonderkommander 9 emerges as a potent rival and primary foe during the Nazi-era. Non-human foes spotted with disconcerting frequency on the battlefield -from "foo fighters" in the skies to "vampires" and "zombies" in the trenches, and strange sightings at sea.
1944: Division 2 realizes it must gain more resources if it is to combat these mind-boggling threats in order to help the war effort and prevent human kind from being subjugated by the likes of CME/Grey-influenced Nazi Germany. Together with top Division 2 members of the US Government, business and scientific establishment (including Albert Einstein), Division 2 approached then-Senator Harry Truman to gain additional resources and influence. The Company is created, leading to the current organizational structure.
1945:The destruction of Nazi Germany does not end the Nazi threat, and renegade Sonderkommando 9 agents create Karotechia to bring about a Fourth Reich - a threat that remains to this day.
1947: The incident at Roswell, New Mexico prompts the USAF to create Majestic-12 (MJ-12). MJ-12 will eventually become co-opted by the Greys and emerge as one of the Company's most serious foes.
1956: The Soviet Union creates GRU-SV8, their own version of MJ-12. Other world powers, Britain, France, China, Israel, will come to form special military branches to investigate the Greys.
1947-1967: The onslaught of the Cold War does not diminish the need for the Company, which continues its war against the Greys and CMEs.
1967: A disastrous Delta Green black op in Indochina leads to its "official" disbanding as an independent ally of the Company, and it merges with the Company's command and control structure.
1967-today: The war continues.

PCs in The Company.

The Company has resources and technologies far in advance of contemporary adversaries -- and it needs them all. The Company is generally Tech Level 8, with selected technologies from TL9 and TL10. If a PC decides to become a full Company Agent, follow the PC generation rules in GURPS Black Ops. If the PCs decide to remain in place as Delta Green Field Agents, use the following template:

"Company" Delta Green-level field operative (200pts)

Attribute enhancements: 50 pts
Open Skill enhancements: 15pts
Basic Training: 85pts
Advanced Training/Psi/Cyber/Bio: 50pts

Extremely Hazardous Duty: -20
Enemy (Mythos/Greys, 6 or less): -15
Sense of Duty (Humanity): -15

Basic Training

Alertness+2: 10pts
Strong Will+3: 10pts
Fit: 5pts
Combat Reflexes/Danger Sense: 15pts
Zeroed: 10pts

20 points from:
Occult, Cthulhu Mythos, Grey Conspiracy, Psychology, Fast Talk, Fast Talk, Anthropology, Shadowing, Streetwise, Survival(Urban), Disguise, Detect Lies, Chemistry, Acting, Electronics (Sensors), Electronics (Communications), Naturalist, Interrogation, Intimidation, Forensics, Criminology, Physiology, First Aid, Persuade, Sex Appeal, Area Knowledge

10 points from:
Survival (Woodlands), Survival (Desert), Orienteering, Stealth, Tracking, Camoflauge, Scrounging, Parachuting, Climbing, Traps, Hiking

10 points from:
Demolition, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, NBC Warfare, Combat Engineer, Gunner (Machine Gun), Gunner (Heavy Weapons), Gunner (Light Automatic weapons), Leadership, Tactics, Armoury, Forward Observer, Drive (Tracked), Pilot (Helicopter), Pilot (Light Plane), Swimming, Sign Language, Scuba, Strategy

Advanced Training
Choose 50 total points from the following groups

Intelligence -- 10 points from:
Cryptanalysis, Cryptography, Intelligence Analysis, Photo Interpretation, Language, Linguistics, Escape, Electronics (Security Systems), Forgery, Sleight of Hand, Cartography, History, Photography, Savoir-Faire, Pickpocket, Lip Reading

Science -- 10 points from:
Research, Teaching, Biochemistry, Zoology, Cryptozoology, Physics, Paraphysics, Weird Science, Astronomy, Geology, Hydrology, Oceanography, Engineer, Meteorology, Psychiatry, SIGINT, Traffic Analysis, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Mathematics, Archaeology

Advanced Combat Training - 50 points from:
Martial Art: Ninjutsu (39)
Ambidexterity (10)
Hard-to-kill (2lvls) (10)
*Trained by Master (40)
Enhanced Block* (6)
Enhanced Dodge* (15)
Enhanced Parry*(10)
Iron hand* (10)
Weapon Master (45/20)
Sharpshooter (45)
Very Fit (15)
High Pain Threshold (10)
Breath Control
Body Language

Cybernetic Implants - up to 50pts
(See list)

Psionics - up to 50 pts
(See list)

Psionics List
AntiPsi Power (3/lvl)
o Neutralize *2
o Psi Static *2
Electrokinesis (5/lvl)
o Confuse *2
o Cyberpsi *2
o Dampen *2
o Energy Sense *2
o Energy Shield *2
o Photokinesis *2
o Surge *2
ESP Power (3/lvl)
o Clairvoyance*2
o Clairaudience *2
o Clairsentience*1
o Combat Sense*2
o Precognition*2
o Psychometry)1
o Seekersense*2
Healing (3/lvlv)
o Healing(n/a)
o Metabolism*1
o Sense Aura*1
o Cryokinesis*2
o Levitation)3
o PK Shield)2
o Pyrokinesis)3
o Telekinesis)4
o Aspect*2
o Emotion Sense*2
o Erase Signature*1
o Mind Shield*2
o PsiSense*1
o Signature Sniffer*1
o Telerecieve*3
o Telescan*2
o Telesend*3
o Grey Attunement*2
o Grey Code(M/VH)

Cybernetics & Biomods

Acute hearing+3: 5
Ultrasonic: 15
Radio: 15
Gyrobalance: 15
Parabolic Hearing: 10
Volume cutout: 5
Highspeed data link: 15

Acute vision+3: 5
Antiglare: 5
LI/Thermal: 15
HUD: 5
Bug/Electronics sensor: 5
Independent focus: 15
4x Telescope/microscope: 8

+2STR: 10
+2 DEX: 10
Micromanipulators: 15
Sensitive touch: 5
Clinging: 10

+2 STR: 20
+2 DEX: 20
Compartment: 1

Burglar: 2
Heater/Chiller: 1
Scalpel: 3
Scissors: 2

Wpn mount: 5
I. Vibro blade: 5
II. 9mm autopistol: 5
III. Hand flamer: 10
Super alloy claws: 10
Hand/Heel spikes: 15/20 for AP
Sprayer finger: 3
Monowire finger: 25
Zapper: 10
Rocket finger: 3
Bomb finger: 2

Bionic reconstruction/skeletal enhancement: 25
Biomonitor: 3
Low-speed data link: 5
Lung filter: 5
Bionic gill: 10
6hr oxygen supply: 12
Enhanced voicebox: 2
Dermal armor: 12
Neural interface: 5
Wonder glands: 15

Testicle Tuck: 2
Bio-booster: 27
Musculo-skeletal reinforcement:
o +point of STR(1-5): 10/lvl
o Catfall:10
o Extra hit points (1-5): 5/lvl
o Toughness: 10/25
o Double jointed: 5
Nano-anticoagulant agent (Hard to kill 1-3): 5/lvl