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GURPS Bureau-13 & Black Ops
GURPS Bureau-13 PC Generation


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Okay, so you want to be a Bureau-13 agent? Here's how -- the following includes PC templates for B-13 agents, and agents with a military background.

B-13 FBI Character Generation

B-13 FBI Characters are built to a net value of 150 points, with 45 points in disadvantages and 5 points of quirks available, making a total of 200 possible points' worth of stats, advantages, and skills. See the FBI template below. Also, the following are required:

Required Advantages:
Patron (FBI - powerful, seldom helps): 5pts
At least one level of Strong Will
Legal Enforcement Powers: +10pts

Required Disadvantages:
Duty: FBI agent (-10pts)
Social Stigma, Bureau 13 (within FBI only): -5pts

Common Skills:
First Aid
Combat: Guns (Common firearms include pistol and shotgun)
Combat: Baton
Driving: Car
Area Knowledge: Primary area of operations

FBI Agent: 30 points

You are a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is the basic template to use for a rookie FBI Field Agent.

Attributes: ST 10 [0], DX 11 [10], IQ 12 [20], HT 10 [0].

Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers [10], plus a total of 15 points chosen from Alertness [5/level], Combat Reflexes[15], Contacts (any type, any effectiveness) [1-3/contact], Empathy [15], Fearlessness [2/level], Fit [5], Intuition [15], or Single-Minded [5].

Disadvantages: Duty (FBI, quite often, roll 12 or less) [-10] plus a total of -10 points chosen from Bully [-10], Cannot Harm Innocents [-10], Curious [-5 to -15], Enemy [-5 to -20], Guilt Complex[-5], Honesty [-10], Intolerance (Criminals) [-5], Overconfidence [-10], Secret (Crooked) [-10], Sense of Duty [-5 to -15], or Workaholic [-5].

Primary Skills: Administration (M/A) IQ [2]-12, Law Enforcement (M/A) IQ+1 [4]-13, Criminology (M/A) IQ [2]-12, Guns (pistol) (P/E) DX+1 [2]-14*, Choice of Judo (P/H) DX-1 [2]-11, Karate (P/H) DX-1 [2]-11 or Brawling (P/E) DX+1 [2]-13.

Secondary Skills: Forensics (MH) IQ-1 [2]-11, Holdout (M/A) IQ-1 [1]-11, Research (M/A) IQ [1]-11, Law (MH) IQ-1 (1)-11, Streetwise (MA) IQ-1 [1]-11, Shadowing (MA) IQ-1 [1]-11

Background Skills: A total of 6 points chosen from Area Knowledge, Armoury, Computer Programming, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Electronics Operations, Fast-Talk ,First Aid, Forgery, Intimidation, Interrogation, Languages, Leadership, Photography, Politics, Psychology, Stealth, Savoir-Faire, Writing.

*Skill receives +2 due to IQ of 12 or greater.

B-13 Military Background Templates

An alphabet soup of US Department of Defense intelligence and technical organizations inhabits the world of B-13 - organizations that in the real world provide the US military and Government with intelligence analysis, field work, and research. Their basic backgrounds do not vary so much that each organization deserves its own template, so instead each basic "job set" is defined in template form, with a range of background skill packages to choose from in order to create a specialized skill set.

I. DoD Intelligence Analyst: 73 Points
STR 10 [0] DX 11 [10] IQ 13 [30] HT 10 [0]

Advantages: Security Clearance (3lvls) [15], and 20 points from: Intuition [15], Single Minded [5], Lightning Calculator [5], Eidetic Memory [20], Alertness [5/lvl], Empathy [15], Fit [5], Military Rank (1-3 lvls) [5/lvl]

Disadvantages: Duty (Military, 12-) [-10], and a total of 20 points from: Curious [-5/-10], Sense of Duty [-5/-10], Workaholic [-5], Intolerance (enemies of USA) [-5], Callous [-5], Code of Honor [-5/-10/-15], Impulsiveness [-10]

Primary Skills: Administration (M/A)[2], Research (M/A) [2], Intelligence Analysis (M/H) [2], Gun (Pistol) (P/E)[2], Self defense (Judo/Karate/Brawling)(P/H) [2]

Secondary Skills: Driving (wheeled vehicle)[1], Computer Operations (M/E)[2], Savoir-faire (Military)(M/E)[1], Language(M/A)[2], Strategy(M/H)[1], Law(M/H) [1]

Background Skills:
These skills represent specializations within the DoD Intelligence Community. A player may choose up to 10 points worth of background skills. Agencies might include: Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Strategic Air Command (SAC), Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) Intelligence, INSCOM Psych Warfare or Field Interrogation Specialist, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Defense Mapping Agency, National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), National Security Agency (NSA), US Space Command, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Marine Corps Intelligence (MCI).

Intelligence Analyst Background Skills: Accounting , AI, Anthropology, Area Knowledge, Architecture, Area Knowledge, Astronomy, Biology, Cartography, Chemistry, Computer Hacking, Computer Programming, Criminology, Cryptoanalysis, Cryptography, , Cryptology, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Economics, Electronics, Electronics Operations, Engineer, Fast Talk, First Aid, Forensics, Geology, History, Holdout, Hydrology, Interrogation, , Intimidate, Language, Lingusitics, Lockpick, Mechanics, Meteorology, Naval Architect, Oceanography, Persuade, Photography, Physics, Psychiatry, Psychology, SIGINT, Traffic Analysis, Traps.