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The Battle of Lemberg, Nov. 3-4, 1797


The Turks arrived the day before and prepared for the Russians coming on. 


Terrain:  The battlefield was 16 ft. x 6 ft deep.  Open terrain except for a fordable stream down half the board with brush and woods around.  There was a brush covered hill in the center which no one used.



The Turks deployed their siege guns and their troops as they awaited the arrival of the Russian forces.


Kutuzov arrived with two russian and the polish army early on at 8am.  Kutuzov had only one wish, deploy as soon as possible and await Suvarov with the guard.  Unfortunately, Suvarov had not communicated his intentions to Kutuzov as Kutuzov awaited Suvarov on his right by noon.


Selim III, Ottoman Commander, initially seeing an opportunity to crush half of the Russian Army, began to advance his Armies to pin and contact. 


The Turkish all cav army quickly engaged the Russian left flank which lasted, much to the Russians surprise, all day without a conclusive decision.



By 1pm, Kutuzov had successfully marched his armies and deployed them on the field in front of the watchful Ottomans.  Selim decided around noon that Suvarov would arrive any minute and ordered his armies to deploy and to stop any further advance until Suvarov's position was known.   The two cav armies maintained contact in a more of a probing mode.  Much to Kutuzov'z relief, Selim had granted life to his outnumbered force.  There was a toast given in the Russian HQ for Selim's caution.  Unfortunately, Kutuzov did not know if Suvarov would arrive soon or not at all.  The option for Kutuzov to retreat was eliminated by the overwhelming enemy cavalry presence.


Fighting continued on the Russian left and right with the Turks forcing a stop to the Polish advance.  By 4pm, the Polish army had began to disintegrate as battalion after battalion was forced to consider their position in the face of routing Russian infantry and Polish cavalry.   Constantine, Russian Army Commander, was unable to stop the collapse of the Polish allies and half his own army was in rout to their baggage train.  Were it not for the Russian squares, the entire Polish and Russian flank would have been destroyed.  As it turned out, there were limited losses and the routers will be able to take the field the next day with losses if Suvarov stays.


At 4pm, Kutuzov, gazing into his glass of vodka, was handed a note from a Cossack courier notifying him Suvarov had indeed arrived, but not at his intended location on the Kutuzuv's right.  Instead, Suvarov had managed to find a road that lead to the battlefield which allowed him to outflank the Ottomans!  Selim, upon hearing of this cataclismic event, dropped his falafel, and went into shock.  After a few rubbings of the hand, Selim composed himself and began preparing for this new development.







End of Day One as mapped by Turkish player

Day two Turkish Assault upon the Russian and Polish Lines


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