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Battle of Sardinia: Oct 23rd, 1797

Ottomans: 50,000+

Russians: 18,000


On the island of Sardinia, near the ruined abbey of Il Cacciatore...


(Explosion)  the slow rumble of musket and cannon fire are heard in the the white puff like smoke clears, a thin man mounted on a

rather dark horse looks on into the distance...A short odd man holding his

horse's reins looks on...


General Emmanuel:  Damn.  I knew they would hit us before winter.  Here I

am, deserted on this miserable island with only 18,000 wretches.


Aide(holding reins) Sire, if only they had taken the Ottoman seriously.  Our

position appears untenable and we must withdraw into the city.


General:  If only I had not upset the Tsarina, I would be at court

entertaining Countess Rufflov.  Instead, I am surrounded by imbeciles and

dirty sheets...


A lone rider approaches.  The sweat breaking through his cotton white

uniform with a sweet demeanor.


Rider:  Sire,  General Buxhowden requests that he be excused.  The Turks

have succeeded in disembarking and are pressing his position with

overwhelming strength.


General:  Tell that Commoner to hold his ground.  How dare he suggested a

strategy to me.(Adjusting his collar and looking directly at rider) just who

would Buxhowden like to take control?


Rider:  Your Aide De Camp, General Longonov...(timidly)He suggests that he

be removed so that he may be able to prepare our escape.


Aide:  (to General quietly) It may be in our best interest sire to relocate

our positions behind walls.  It is rather odd that we do not possess any

horse or cannon on the field.


A cannon ball whizzes overhead...


General: (Grunting) Humm...Cough...Well, (to rider sarcastically) Tell your

liege that he will not be excused and that he must enjoy the dance.  Now

return to you master and await new order from me.  (To Aide)  Issue the

order to Withdraw into the city.


Aide:  Ahem...sire, the city can only hold 10,000 men.


General:  So...


Aide:  That will leave 8,000 to be captured


General: So...


Aide:  As you wish Sire.



Later that evening within the city walls, General Emmanuel sits in an overly

decorated chair in what used to be the mayor's house.  Several overly

dressed aides stand about looking somewhat impressive and making idol



BAMM...The loud sound of a large wooden door kicked open permeates the room

decorated with 17th century frescos...


General Emmanuel:  What is the meaning of this...This is a council of war.

Who...(Surprised as several colorful men wearing silks and thick mustaches

enter and quickly disarm the alarmed popinjays.


Ottoman:  You are prisoners of the Sultan, servant of Muhammad, blessings be

upon him, and are ordered to report to his excellency.


It appears that the Russians, in all their hurry to enter the city, had

forgotten the rear gate open and the city fell without a casualty.


Sardinia is lost and all those souls including the general staff, are in

prisons just outside of Tripoli.



Official Russian Report on the Battle of Sardinia, Oct 23 1797

The Russian Sardinia command has been quickly dispatched from the field.


 As the daylight rose upon the sleepy Mediteranion island of Sardinia the

Battle  field was muddy due to a previous nights rain. The Russian units formed in  column across the stream awaiting the Turkish onslaught.


 Day 1:

 08:00 hrs. Nothing

 10:00 hrs. Nothing. Where Are Those Turks?

 12:00 hrs. Nothing. A scouts reports that the Turks are still on the beach

 assembling. We can't get an exact count but they outnumber us by at least

3 to  1.

 14:00 hrs. Nothing. Still no Turks.

 16:00 hrs. Nothing. The men are getting restless. They've been standing in

the  mud for the past day getting trench foot.


 As night falls the Russian Army commander decides to withdraw 10 of his 18

 companies into the fortress.


 As morning breaks, the Turkish army marches onto the field. The Turks in

Fact  out number the Russian's 5 to 1.  The fortress walls are breached and

Everyone  is captured.


 Russian Captured:

 Generals: 4

 ADC: 1

 Infantry: 18 Veteran Units.



The Battle of Bavaria, Fall 1797

The Austrian army stormed into Bavaria like a raging flood. The heavily outnumbered Bavarian army hastily retreated into the city of Regensburg, but the Austrians stormed the walls and seized the city in a matter of days.




Battle of Westphalia

Oct 24th, 1797

Near the Sanitarium known an Kwackburg, the Palatine forces withdrew to

Palatinate under cover of night as the Prussians advanced accross the damp,

muddy fields.  General Von Picknose was so disturbed by his inability to

bring the pro-Palatines to heel that he soiled his breeches...




The Sack of Estonia, Fall 1797

The British Expeditionary Force to Russia has completed the sack of Estonia in preparation for a possible assault upon St. Petersburg, where the Russian 6th Army under general Luckitov digs in. Britain, still incensed by Russia’s efforts to send Ireland into revolt, has vowed to punish the Tsar for his actions.



Skirmish in Western Ukraine

3,000 Russian Cossacks and 10,000 Turks maneuvered for advantage in the heavily forested Western Ukrainian countryside before the Russians withdrew from the province, and retreated back to Lublin.