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Case Files


Agents for Bureau-13 of the FBI

God alone knows what you did to get sent here, to Bureau 13 within the FBI – the dumping ground for kooks and wash-ups that won’t accept early retirement or resign. You pissed off the wrong person, screwed up one time too many…or were just plain unlucky. Bureau 13 is sent off on every lousy, weird scut detail imaginable – jobs that the Government has to appear to be responsive to, but ultimately are meaningless wastes of time that only placate a pushy, internet scandal-ridden public.


Crop circles, cow killings, vampire sightings, dead schools of fish, mysterious lights…crap even the local cops don’t want to waste their time with. They buck it on to an FBI only too happy to punish wayward agents, and tell their local constituents that the Feds will resolve it. You’ve heard rumors that sometimes this stuff is real, but all the crap you’ve seen has been a complete waste of time…like the hairy naked survival nut who started a rash a rash of Big Foot sightings in the backwoods of Oregon…or the circus freak promoter and his “Leech Boy” in the Florida Everglades—a rubber suit and more mosquitoes than Satan himself could ever want. You’ve even been stuck working Sci-Fi conventions to keep tabs on conspiracy nuts. But its either this, try to redeem yourself, or with a “no comment” termination from the FBI, end up as a security guard at Macy’s.


Most Bureau-13 agents are based in Oklahoma, in a run down facility in the FBI annex in Tulsa. Other Bureau-13 offices are located in Lompoc, CA; and Hopewell, VA in decommissioned military facilities that hail from WWII…or perhaps even WWI. Field workers are sent out to deal with reports and conduct inquiries from these inconvenient staging areas – given the oldest of cars, and the cheapest of economy-class airfare.


Bureau-13’s size fluctuates, but there are usually only about 20-40 ornery, stubborn people who’ve refused all of the FBI’s hints to “take a hike – we’d fire you if we could, but we can’t…at least, not yet, but we’re working on it!” Some are indeed waste-cases on the edge of burn out, or incompetent – others are good field agents having a bad day.  The titular head of Bureau-13 may be your biggest foe -- Randy Pike is trying his hardest to get out of Bureau-13 by proving how effective he is at saving money for the FBI by forcing agents to resign, and scrimping every penny he can. Hell, he’s only 5 years from retirement anyway, and you ain’t gonna screw that up for him! But if you’re really sharp, you might get a real case, like a diamond in the manure pile, and get yourself back on the fast track to a real career!


B-13 Character Generation

Characters are built to a net value of 150 points, with 45 points in disadvantages and 5

points of quirks available, making a total of 200 possible points' worth of stats, advantages, and

skills. See the FBI template below. Also, the following are required:


Required Advantages:

Patron (FBI – powerful, seldom helps): 5pts

At least one level of Strong Will

Legal Enforcement Powers: +10pts


Required Disadvantages:

Duty: FBI agent (-10pts)

Social Stigma, Bureau 13 (within FBI only): -5pts


Common Skills:






First Aid

Combat: Guns (Common firearms include pistol and shotgun)

Combat: Baton

Driving: Car

Area Knowledge: Primary area of operations



FBI Agent:  30 points


You are a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is the basic template to use for a rookie FBI Field Agent.


Attributes: ST 10 [0], DX 11 [10], IQ 12 [20], HT 10 [0].


Advantages: Legal Enforcement Powers [10], plus a total of 15 points chosen from Alertness [5/level], Combat Reflexes

[15], Contacts (any type, any effectiveness) [1-3/contact], Empathy [15], Fearlessness [2/level], Fit [5], Intuition [15], or

Single-Minded [5].


Disadvantages: Duty (FBI, quite often, roll 12 or less) [-10] plus a total of -10 points chosen from Bully [-10], Cannot Harm

Innocents [-10], Curious [-5 to -15], Enemy [-5 to -20], Guilt Complex[-5], Honesty [-10], Intolerance (Criminals) [-5],

Overconfidence [-10], Secret (Crooked) [-10], Sense of Duty [-5 to -15], or Workaholic [-5].


Primary Skills: Administration (M/A) IQ [2]-12, Law Enforcement (M/A) IQ+1 [4]-13, Criminology (M/A) IQ [2]-12, Guns

(pistol) (P/E) DX+1 [2]-14*, Choice of Judo (P/H) DX-1 [2]-11, Karate (P/H) DX-1 [2]-11 or Brawling (P/E) DX+1



Secondary Skills: Forensics (MH) IQ-1 [2]-11, Holdout (M/A) IQ-1 [1]-11, Research (M/A) IQ [1]-11, Law (MH) IQ-1

(1)-11, Streetwise (MA) IQ-1 [1]-11, Shadowing (MA) IQ-1 [1]-11


Background Skills: A total of 6 points chosen from Area Knowledge, Armoury, Computer Programming, Detect Lies,

Diplomacy, Electronics Operations, Fast-Talk ,First Aid, Forgery, Intimidation, Interrogation, Languages, Leadership,

Photography, Politics, Psychology, Stealth, Savoir-Faire, Writing.


*Skill receives +2 due to IQ of 12 or greater.